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During our training at tertiary care hospitals, We started the Diabetes Care Center in 1996 to do diabetes education, treatment and prevention: help prevent blindness, heart attack, kidney failure, nerve damage and amputation, all caused by diabetes.


Client Testimonials

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Ayurveda for diabetes

Ayurveda for diabetes Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetes mainly focuses on correcting the lifestyle through changes in diet and physical activity. Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle disorders that[…]

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Insulin pump therapy

Insulin pump therapy   We are among the world’s best insulin pump therapy center. We can help you to achieve the best control of diabetes with or without the insulin[…]

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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy The science is an ever-changing field. With the hope brought by the Stem Cell Therapy, we are reaching close to finding the cure for diabetes soon. There[…]

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