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Diabetic Foot


Diabetic Foot

Diabetic foot amputation prevention

Before treatment

After treatment

By conventional methods, this foot would have been amputated. Instead, it was saved using the most conservative surgical treatment and gaining tight control over blood sugar through treatment at the Sugar Doctor.

If you are looking for our Prevention of Amputations program, you may send us a photo of your foot or any wound for our doctors to view. The doctor will also review photos of diabetes foot or non-healing wounds. This preliminiary consultation is free of charge.

Diabetic foot ulcer

Before treatment

After treatment

Cases like the one detailed here are DIFFICULT but not IMPOSSIBLE.

Keep in mind that this type of healing can take time, but we at the Sugar Doctor are up for the challenge.

Case study: 
Ali, 65, Male from KSA approached us with non healing ulcer on right leg for last 2 years. On investigations his blood sugar levels were elevated and patient was not willing to get into hospital for treatment. Patient was treated on out patient basis to get good control of diabetes and then admitted for a day in hospital for surgical procedure. Meticulous methods and experience in this field made us to get him back on his foot in 7 weeks.

We wish him best of luck!

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