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Dr. Suresh Purohit

Interventional Diabetologists & 
Foot Restorer
MBBS, Dip. Diabetology, D.M. M.

Dr. Lotika Purohit

Consultant Diabetologist
MBBS, Dip. Diabetology

India’s Best Diabetes Treatment Centre

During our training at tertiary care hospitals, we realized that big hospitals are busy just treating complications as people approach them only after complications. We started the Diabetes Care Center in 1996 to do diabetes education, treatment and prevention: help prevent blindness, heart attack, kidney failure, nerve damage and amputation, all caused by diabetes.

This vision led Dr. Suresh Purohit to Mumbai University’s Marine Medicine department, where he was trained in underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine. Using this method, he can treat patients in HBO chambers to avoid amputation or loss of limb.

During our training at Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest and other World Health Organization facilities, the doctors at Diabetes Care Center have refined the art of diabetes control. Today we are known to prevent amputation of foot and help our patients control their diabetes.

We have patients from France, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, South Africa, Ethiopia, UK, Tanzania and Kenya, to name a few.